What's New?

October, 2022

  • Increased the file upload limit to 100MB for every file field
  • Added lots of improvements to the meeting packet, including
    • support for the latest PDF features
    • increased source file sizes to 100MB
    • increased total aggregate file size to 200MB
    • Added placeholder pages for any document that doesn't fit the requirements
  • Fixed bug in dashboard link handling

September, 2022

  • Improved iCalendar feed support for older versions of Outlook
  • Lots of theming updates, including
    • Updated the display of meeting summaries
    • improvements the handling of long meeting titles
  • Added options to control who receives meeting invites, when sending emails
    • Everyone will receive a meeting invite unless one of the following conditions is met:
      • The recipient has integrated their calendar
      • The recipient has opted out of calendar invitations on their profile
      • The sender has opted to not include a calendar invite for every recipient
    • Add visual indicator to show who will receive a calendar invite
  • Updated iCalendar feed integration and instructions. Moved calendar integration link from dashboard to the user menu
  • Added "Add to calendar" links to meetings, with support for Apple, Outlook, Office 365, Google, and Yahoo

April, 2020

  • Added new billing system
  • Overhauled notification system
  • Added Invite all members tool
  • Minor bug fixes & improvements

March, 2020

  • Added invoices to billing page
  • Minor bug fixes & improvements
  • Added Video Conferencing support

January, 2020

  • Add customizable "goals" to organization dashboard
  • Minor console improvements and bug fixes.
  • Add support for committee specific administrators.
  • Minor console improvements and bug fixes.

October, 2019

  • Add automatic meeting packet generation
  • Minor console improvements and bug fixes.
  • Minor console improvements and bug fixes.

September, 2019

  • Introduce new BoardSpot Console.

August, 2019

  • Update Timezone system to support global timezones.
  • Improve Participant Email system to support user's timezone.
  • Improve Participant Email system to reply-to the sender.


  • General security updates.
  • Improved back end disaster recovery systems.


  • General security updates.
  • Minor improvements throughout.


  • Improved committee display on People directory
  • Various mobile and responsive theme bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added custom file titles to documents.


  • Improved phone number input and storage for people.
  • Added title field to people for organization / job title.
  • Various small styling fixes.


  • Improve on-boarding experience for new people.
  • Improve on-boarding experience for new organizations.
  • Various minor improvements throughout the app.


  • Added link to documentation on sidebar.
  • Added forgot password link to main log in form (previously only visible after failed log in attempt).
  • Added Demo organization.


  • Improved invite emails & clarified email wording.
  • Improved invite accept link behavior to account for multiple organizations / users that already have created password.


  • Improved iCal subscribe feed modal UI.
  • Changed iCal subscribe feed to return all past and future meetings for which a member has an attendance object.
  • Implemented conditional table meetings display.
  • Added robust people profiles.