Controlling Access to Resources

At BoardSpot, we take the privacy and security of your information incredibly seriously. None of the resources that you add to BoardSpot are publicly accessible, so only those individuals whom you invite to your board portal will be able to access your organization's information.

Essential Plan

Organizations that are on the essential plan operate in full transparency mode, meaning that everyone who has been invited to your board portal will be able to access all information added to BoardSpot. This includes all committees, meetings, and documents.

Standard & Enterprise Plans

Organizations that are on the standard or enterprise plan are able to control access to their resources. There are two primary tools that are available to you to control access to the resources within your board portal: 1. Private committees, and 2. Role-based permissions. Each serves a different function, and are designed to work together to allow you fine-grained control over who has access to what resources.

Private Committees

When a committee is designated as "private", the only people who have access to the committee and all related resources are members of that committee, organization admins, and committee admins for that committee. This access restriction also applies to all resources related to that committee, such as committee meetings, committee documents, meeting agendas, and minutes.

Role-Based Permissions

An individual's access can be limited by setting that person's role to either "Committee Member" or "Guest". Both of these roles limit the access for the individual to just the board or committees that person is a member of. He or she will not be allowed to access any resources that are related to a committee he or she is not a member of.

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